Another Chance

March 1, 2009
By tracersz4life PLATINUM, Glendale, New York
tracersz4life PLATINUM, Glendale, New York
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If I could go back

If I could only go back,

and change what I'd done,

I would.

I would change my life.

The way I treat others.

Others I love.

even ones I don't know.

I would do right.

Not wrong.

Treat with compassion

and not hate.

If I could go forward I would.

So I know when the


would happen.

So I would know when

things would be bad.

So I could see my life.

So I wouldn't have to go back

and take another chance.

Another chance

could possibly just make things worse.

I needed to know

how everything would be

so I wouldn't scew up my life

even more.

But I can't.

I can't take

another chance.

I can't

go forward

in time.

I can't see when death happens.

Deal with it first

to make the second impact better.

I can't do it.

So I need to

do good in my life now.

Do best as I can.

But no matter how good

or bad

I do...

I will always wish

for that second chance,

or even

that look to the future.

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