I Have a Dream, Too

February 28, 2009
By LindseyVirgo BRONZE, Green Bay, Wisconsin
LindseyVirgo BRONZE, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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There is something some people don't know
About me, my life, and how it goes.
I am not one to say my life is bad,
I am lucky to say that I am glad.
But you see there is just one thing
That comes to mind as a human being.
I am not the same as people other than me.
My color, my size seen differently.
It is about what is on the inside, not on the out.
But people don't notice, I have no doubt.

So how could that be changed, does anyone know?
Maybe, just maybe they will let it go.
So I am just letting people know, that I have hope.
We could live in peace and learn to cope.

There is nothing different in black and white.
It's all just seen by a sight.
Started by one person, led on to more.
Whoever it was, rotten to the core.
You see, prejudice was dumb,
But no one could stop it, their minds went numb.

So what about today?
Could it ever go away?
Probably not, its here forever.
It never should of happened, never.
But it is still here, haunting us, taunting us.
But people should care, they should make a fuss.

So what I am saying is as simple as this.
I wish, I just wish, Dr. King knew.
That, yes, I have a dream, too.

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