the light

February 28, 2009
By Hannah mcmillen BRONZE, Seminole, Florida
Hannah mcmillen BRONZE, Seminole, Florida
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with every second i get 5 steps behind
failure always lingers in the back of mind
i don't want this, and no i don't want that
i don't want to mistakenly get on the wrong track

it feels like the path in this crowded forest just ran out
and the path behind me keeps consuming itself.
i feel lost and scared, i bet you can see it in my eyes.
but i bet you 5 pennies you wont see the truth behind my lies

and the rain pours in this forest of critiques
who want nothing more than to break you to pieces
i cant tell you how they can just rain on your dreams
i wish i knew how they do this without even noticing

maybe i just take everything the wrong way
maybe i over analyze everything that they say
maybe its the way they act like everything is always okay
that makes me want to give up and become a nobody today

it's like everything i do turns into a speck of nothing
i wish i could see that my life will turn into something
i don't mind blending in, i don't really want to stand out
i just want to experience and know what life is all about.

i want to meet new people, and travel to different places
i want to see hidden secrets behind mysterious faces.
i want to find the prize at the end of this long race
but i know the end is just a new obstacle that i have to face

all these people around just tell me to stick to what i know
"be practical child, don't let your true feelings show"
that's not what there really saying, but that's what i hear
i bet there just not like me, i guess they want to avoid fear

i don't know what to do, or what to say anymore these days
its a fog of confusion that surrounds my thoughts anyways
I'm wrong when i say this, and im wrong when i say it all
this just makes me feel like life is just one climbing fall

I'm begging to think that no one ever truly wins in life
no one succeeds, or crosses that glowing finish line
everyone is just so consumed in trying to be right
we never learn that the end of the tunnel never has a light

sure its bright, you might see this illusion called light
but its brighter for those who put up more of a fight.
I'm determined that i will get at least a dim little glow
and i hope when i get there, i will have 50 scars to show.

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