To Strong To Live

February 27, 2009
By christopher brice BRONZE, Washington DC, District Of Columbia
christopher brice BRONZE, Washington DC, District Of Columbia
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A leader leads by example not by force
I'm an example of a leader because I show no remorse
What ever I achieve is because I believe
I let my opportunities multiply as they are seized
How can I breathe without any air?
And how can you have equality when life is not even fair

Live by the streets die by the gun
Sexually active but won't claim no one
Life is like a penny easy come easy go
But death is not that easy cause we never really know
I'm like a flower in a garden where stuff is not meant to grow
My neighborhood can not rise because we was made to be below

I was taught to never back down
By people who are on crack now
I was taught to fight until I bleed
I was taught to beg when I need
I was born to live but taught to die
I was raised to believe that all birds don't fly
I was taught to believe but made to conceive
I was born to achieve but taught to mislead

As I felonize, traumatize
I can't rise because they want me institutionalize
But only time can tell, and only time can prevail
And only threw time do we fail
As far as I go how deep can I get
As much as I try to make thing fit
What I give is what I receive
What I got is all I need
Death is around the corner so I'm a keep straight
Live life to the fullest and let death wait

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