Broken Home

August 9, 2016
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The house started out with sparkling cement as its ground
Now everything has collapsed and fallen without a sound
You wonder why she is so excited to leave
Its only to escape you from calling her your pet peeve
She's filled with the rejection you give out like candy
and the punches you throw while drinking your brandy
The house already started to lose its shine
when you thought having another child would make everyhing fine
He grew up in a home kept together by stitches
like the ones you left on his face from your mood switches
Your son and daughter hide in their room
filled with the fear of the alcohol you constantly cosume
Every minute of every day
another shingle made way
The neighbors marveled at the beauty of your house
even the dolls you call your childen and spouse
You smiled as the paint began to peel from the walls,
but at least family photos covered the halls
The smiles your family wore in front of the pastor
were only masks they've learned to wear and master
Dinner became a battle of who was right
Didn't matter who was because everyone was hurt from the fight
The plates were no longer happy and clean
Insead were mournfully sad and awfully mean
You feed on the lies you tell the ones you love most
You eat all of their pride; you're full before dinner's roast
You've completely destroyed them, inside and out
I hope it was worth the compliments strangeers unknowingly shout
You're left in a home completely in shambles,
but at least you're the talk of hair salon rambles 

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