February 27, 2009
By Anonymous

Life is the beginning of a new journey on a long path.
The start of making memories that will last a lifetime.
Life is the time to raise your voice and be loud to tell the world of your existence.
Life is like an ocean filled with dreams and inspirations that only you have and can achieve.
Life is the time to love and have your heart broken or give your heart to someone for the rest of your life.
Life is like a ride you can't wait to get on and when you do it goes so fast you can't hold on.
Life is the time to laugh until you cry and love until your heart is broken.
Life is like a dream hear one minute and could be gone the next.
Life is the time to hope for anything and everything and to ask for help because you can't get through it yourself.
Life is to be lived if you were dying only having one more day to believe in your biggest dreams, laugh your heart out, and tell someone you love them for the first or last time because life is only a long but short trip we all take until the last beat of our heart and are all together again in eternity.

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