It's Just You

February 27, 2009
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I don't know what it is about you that makes me like you
Your pride in your culture
Your scruffy brown hair or your
Too-big beard
Maybe your sillyness or your heart

Or maybe

It's the way you ever so roughly
Shoved me against the wall
Three times in eighth grade
And attempted to kiss me

It's possibly

Your voice,
The way it soothes me when I cry
How it goes perfect with your look
And how everyone knows it's you

Or maybe

It's your body
Which would feel so small in my arms
Your hairy stomach hiding bony ribs
The way your legs move so easily

Or it could be

The way you don't even know you help me
How we never talk, but you're the only person I turn to
How a sideways glace in school brightens my whole day

Or when you tell my friends

'I know'

After they tell you I like you

I don't know why I like you
Maybe it's just you

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