A Jeff The Killer Poem (The Boy that Burned)

August 6, 2016
By JadeFaron BRONZE, Burgersfort, Other
JadeFaron BRONZE, Burgersfort, Other
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The Boy that burned had a sad tale, indeed
Burned by those overtaken by greed
Revenge now sated,
and the Boy now fated
to a horrible twist of events


The Boy that Burned, now hospitalized
Horribly scarred, his family realized.
Blinded by grief, or insanity?
The boy saw it as beauty


The boy that burned is murderous, you see
The very picture of insanity
"Jeff the Killer is my name"
"And Homicide is my game"
"Go to Sleep"
Is what he'll say.

The author's comments:

This is a poem about one of my favourite CreepyPasta charaters, Jeff The Killer. It was just a crazy stroke of inspiration, out of nowhere, and I decided to write it. Jeff the Killer was a normal boy, that once got bullied because the bullies wanted his money. He defended his brother, Liu, and got into trouble. Long story short, the bullies came back and burned him while he was covered in bleach, turning his skin paper white. He was sent to the hospital. When he got out, he thought he was beautiful, and that night, he burnt off his eyelids, carved a smile into his face, and killed his family. His last words to his brother was "Go To Sleep".

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