One Day

February 27, 2009
By lolita.1210 BRONZE, New Haven, Connecticut
lolita.1210 BRONZE, New Haven, Connecticut
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One day
I drowned
In the hope
That had once
caused me to suffer
Not throwing my arms up
Towards salvation
I sunk to the bottom
delving deeper
And deeper
Enclosed in a cloud of
Confusion and apathy
I became dreamless and empty
Until suddenly
The earth,
Caught me,
Held my struggling body
To her bosom
And told me to let go
Of my past, present, and future
Close my eyes
And breathe
And start all over again
But it so unlike me
To except help
With open arms
And I fought it
Until I realized
My bones are not
made of elastic.
I cannot stretch myself
To every corner of the world
And rock the restless to sleep
I cannot save myself
By myself
Nor am I not invincible towards defeat.
No longer immortal,
simply human,
I welcomed my imperfections
There were sweet,
A kiss upon tainted lips
The same
that had lied to me
For so many years
During my youth
to simply build a self esteem
That would never come to be.
And now I part easily
From my wounds
the ones I never really loved to begin with
And I'm left to pick-up
the pieces
while my intellect
struggles to write its thesis

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