February 26, 2009
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Are you living, or are you existing?
I am alive.
The air is electric with every breath that I breathe.
Each step I take lights a fire in the dirts of change.
The weeds that are bent on choking out the flowers
of my life are subdued by my every move.
The crashing thunder of my eyes stops the world in mid-tilt.
I exist to be alive.
I become myself with every blink of my eye.
I create my existence with every word I speak.
I live to follow my own path.
Speeding toward a nameless destination,
no time to think.
I am an explosion,
unpredictable and uncontrollable.
My mind is a typewriter,
holding the perfect words to piece the answers together.
My legs burn to run.
These imprisoning shackles can not hold me to the floor.
There is no cage surrounding me,
only the open windows that vent the breezes of possibility.
I exist to stop hearts.
I exist to save life's.
I exist to bring change.
I exist to make smiles.
I exist solely to be alive.

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