color don;t matter

January 24, 2009
By tabitha fabbro, Waverly, OH

yes we have a color black white green and bule
but why do we pick the two colors of humans
black and white you think by to day we be over that and moving forward today and trying to make the world a better place and now cause we have a black president the issuse is becoming even bigger now but i want to tell every one out their it don't ever matter about the color it matter about the person and how they are
to me all i see is personaly black white i don't see color i see
to totally diffrent words when i think people
teo diffrance questions
are they kind ?
are they cold hearted ?
every person don't need to be juged like that based on the color and having a president with color is no diffrance he's here to make a change for our country and our land he belives in the same values and fight for the same thing so here's a question what makes him so diffrent ?
for all we know he can be the one to make a diffrance him all i see is a kind heart
maybe if some people out their that has a cold heart on the subject should take a little time and think about what i just wrote
i may just be a teenager but
that shows more value than i even though i had.
have a kind heart
cause its better than being cold hearted even when it comes to color cause it don't matter

The author's comments:
color and blck and white are nothing but words and it shoud never matter what color you are just the person

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