The Rain Song

March 2, 2009
By Kat Guido BRONZE, Macungie, Pennsylvania
Kat Guido BRONZE, Macungie, Pennsylvania
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The sound of the rain
lulling me to sleep
the soft pitter-patter
no two drops alike
yet the same soundtrack
over and over.

The sound of the thunder
the bass drum to the symphony
keeping the beat of my airy heart
bringing another depth
to the soft pitter-patter
the livening rumble
keeping body awake
and letting mind rest.

The silence of the lightning
streak across the sky
amazement at first, then a dull sense of fear
putting face to the rumble and soft pitter-patter
the conductor giving cues
to the lulling of the nature
no two strikes the same place
but the same feeling of awe
over and over
The Rain Song.

The author's comments:
I wrote "The Rain Song" one rainy night just thinking about the rain, thunder, and lightning and how they work so well together. I tried to take the calming feeling of a rainstorm and incorporate it into my poem.

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