February 26, 2009
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It's so loud, sounds like a gun being shot right in my ear, blowing my eardrum, beeeep. thats all I could hear, and all of a sudden BOOM,BOOM,BANG, (MORE), people yelling ,screaming to go get a drink you will hear all kinds of things like peoples feet stomping, and thumping watches going clankity,clank,clankity,clank.The speaker fizzing from the loudness.Oh my GOsh,people saying after being in shock.Swings squeaking, and the mulch going snap,crackle,pop.babies crying,plains goingzip,zap,and a big rumble, plains passing you going about 100 to 200mph.Nois,noise too much noise it sounds like 1000 people yelling at one time in your ear.OMG,OMG it feels like I blew my eardrum in like 6 diffrent pecies and look like little broken pecies of glass

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