Liberty's Plea

February 25, 2009

Let me be
Break these chains
Set me free
Wash out these stains

Let me go
Show me some fate
Death not sow
Tribulation so great

Are you blind?
Can you not see?
Open your mind
This is an emergency

I'm bleeding a letter
For you to admire
I've bled out each letter
Of situation so dire

Take my soul
And see through my eyes
The occasional toll
I take from your lies

You promised me freedom
With a helping hand
But you showed me the wisdom
Of a foolish young man

I will take to the grave
Such sinful a start
The ignominy you gave
Will burn in my heart

Watch in my speech
As transformation occurs
The hatred I'll preach
Writhing in blurs

Commit it to memory
Savor every last breath
Lock me away with a key
That is, if you fear death.

The author's comments:
A plea for liberty.

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