February 24, 2009
By Hope Baugh BRONZE, Nitro, West Virginia
Hope Baugh BRONZE, Nitro, West Virginia
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It is just a gapping hole
Left after my heart you stole
Now it is ripped in half
Leaving me with a laugh
Though even in the stalking night
She brings forth the dawning light
She's the reason why I fight
Now I feel pain at her sight
Her eyes have a sparkle all their own
And a smarter mind than any I known
Her voice is like that of a bird
A more beautiful sound than any you've heard
When she does smile my heart starts to burn
For her attention I do yearn
Now I have just this to say
Before the ending of this day
More beautiful than an angel above
For only her I do love
Forever the keeper of my heart
Too bad she already tore it apart

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