Broken Dreams

February 26, 2009
By amandascheel BRONZE, Monona, Wisconsin
amandascheel BRONZE, Monona, Wisconsin
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Life is always a waste of space! Wake me up on a midnight sky I want to see you cry. You broke my heart, and it's been failin since then. The wax is burning and the world is twirling by. My broken heart wont mend, im nobody's girlfriend. You need to understand im here alone again. Why did you leave me on a midnight sky in a thunderstorm? I have dreams and passions but you don't care. I held you but you didn't hold me back. You took my hand you had the power. Always a phenomenal choice until today when I said no. I built conflicts, I whispered gossip, im odd and I was out on my own. My notebook helped when I wanted to die, I sang and wrote and even cried. I danced and danced all night in the rain waiting for you to come back. Poetry helps but not for long because when I see you my heart is gone. Everything was perfect! What happened to that? I was bleeding to death' who killed me? You and your stupid words! Love was the cure but you took that away. Everyday it rains, there is thunder and lightning taking lives away. I would've been your rock star I cut myself up, singers wrote songs about me. Words are one thing but the meaning is another. I am up at 1 a.m. writing this song for you that you wont even think about reading. I'm never coming back so choose wisely' don't forget that I am washed to the sea. Don't waste your breath it's too late to say what you wanted to say because I gotta go my own way' my own way'.

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