The Hunt

February 25, 2009
The moon was glowing on the trees,
Lighting up the ground.
Wolves were lined up, one by one,
Going 'round and 'round.

'Come little Wolf!' cried the first.
'Yes, Oh yes Come ' howled the second.
But the small wolf shook his head,
Ignoring the obnoxious beckon.

So the wolves traveled on through the night,
chasing down a moose.
But then a wise owl landed in a tree, stopping the wolves.
'You Are silly ' He cooed, 'You are acting like an injured goose '

The animals looked in surprise and tilted their heads.
'Don't be foolish.' Cackled a crow.
The owl turned his head, looking in confusion and replied,
'And what are you getting at you filthy little crow?'

The crow angrily stomped a talon and turned the wolves.
'You have been chasing that moose in circles for moons.'
The owl screeched and lifted his head, yelling,
'They are mindless buffoons '

'Go on now ' Said the crow to the wolves, 'Get that moose for me to feast '
The small wolf stepped forward, yelping,
' We do not hunt for scavengers, you mindless beast '

So the crow fluttered off in anger, the owl following.
'Let them eat each other '
Said the pack in anger as they lost the moose in the talk.
The wolves felt the rain patter down and sighed, 'Now quick Head for cover '

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