January 24, 2009
By Katerina Sanders BRONZE, Silver Lake, Oregon
Katerina Sanders BRONZE, Silver Lake, Oregon
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In the days that we met,
I regret to say,
how shattered I was.
I had been hurt in ways
that I'd never thought possible;
it hurt more,
that I couldn't-
and still can't-
hate Dad for what was done.
I hopped about,
with bruises inside,
and hid as bet I could,
from the world.
Jake wouldn't let me,
he drew me out from the shadows,
and showed me
that not all touches
ment harm.
His kiss shocked me,
and when I lost him,
I was glad you were there.
It was puppy love with him;
playing with the idea.
He had to face his past,
and he wouldn't let me see.
When he walked out of my life,
you walked deeper in.
Everything was different with you:
we argued,
broke up,
made up,
and found surreal peace with each other.
I have a dept to pay you,
and though you think different,
part of that was leaving,
part was realizing that I know not
whether I lie or speak truth.
You care like no other,
that I know;
but I also know
that part of loving
is letting go.
Between the two,
he and you,
I recovered
and continue to seek my past.
As the cliche goes,
my fractured wings were healed,
largely by you.
Do not think I am not greatful-
I love you as a brother,
a friend,
a lost lover-
but please,
allow me to attempt flight,
let me see if I can make myself complete.
Let me fly
with the knowledge
that I have your blessing
to begin a new life

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