A Darkening Society

February 19, 2009
By DJ Fleischman BRONZE, Palmyra, Nebraska
DJ Fleischman BRONZE, Palmyra, Nebraska
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In a darkening society
Heroes are dwindling
Those who stand for others
Are not appearing
Scared hands are shaking
To grab for hope
They need the support
Do they got it?
But that's fine, right?
How could they know
I mean we're alive right?
How could they know
I mean we're alive
Not a bruise on our heads
But it don't stop the shed
Of tears on my bed
The words don't really hurt
They only skip off of me
But the throws and the blows
The ones the kids only see
Those appear too much for me
The others they crowd around to see
A hurt boy huddled, down on his knees
Praying to god wordlessly
Asking for his mercy an'
Praising his king
Lord, show him the way
He doesn't know
What the eye can't see
Later that day
That who had soon after walked away
Came up to the one
He had been crush by
And told him he forgave
The hurt he had gave
Then he showed a compassion
One that can only be imagined
'I want you to be my friend,
all the way to the very end'
But wait
This isn't the finale
To this great story I'm telling
These boys are getting
To their own beginnings
Now these two are friends
All the way to, the very end!

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