Grandmother of eight, makes hole in one

February 19, 2009
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The little old lady
Who lived in a shoe
Had eight grandchildren
All like you.
Tommy, and timmy, and jimmy, and lou,
and cindy, and mindy, and lindy, and who?
Someone has left
Can you see?
Where oh where can johny be?
Has he transformed into a bee?
Maybe, maybe lets go see.
Johny, johny
Where could you be?
have you transformed
into a bee?
Who is johny replied the bees,
Maybe he could be
At the sea.
Playing in the sand.
We'll find him
And grab him by the hand.
Take him back home
from the sand
but, he's not there.
Perhaps he's in the woods
Climbing a tall tree.
Johny, johny where can you be?
I don't see , I don't hear.
He better not have a beer.
Lets go back To the house
See if johny's found the mouse
He's not a bee
Or at the sea,
Or in a tree,
Where oh where,
can johny be?
We'll check
The great big bowl,
there he was laying
with a hole.
Grandma did it
We know for sure,
None of us put that hole,
In poor johny's toe.
It had to be grandma,
Don't you know?

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