for that small princess

February 18, 2009
By mered PLATINUM, Canton, Georgia
mered PLATINUM, Canton, Georgia
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I sit there in the car,
watching her make funny faces at me through the door.

I start to remember that first day.
when she layed in my arms.
innocent as an angel.
looking into my eyes with all the hope in the world.

I see who I used to be.
before sin,
before pain,
before me.

I sit there in the car,
making faces back at her.
watching her giggle.
it never gets old.

I think about my childish ways,
the immaturity,
the playfulness.

and it all falls into place after a while.
all the nights of screaming and tears.
the days when those monkey bars just would let go of her arms.

she just licked the car door.

the nights of "ancient" disney movies.
princesses and castles.

maybe she's telling us something.
we're all princesses and knights in shining armour.
innocence can be a smile away.
happiness is one glance away from our heart.

a moment of peace.
an eternity of truth.

we're all playing in a game of dragons,
and sneaky foxes.

but good will always prevail :) just takes a smaller person to bring us back.

please don't forget me when I have to leave.

The author's comments:
I have two sisters and a brother. My youngest sister, Caroline, is amazing. She can be very loud, noisy, and a large distraction at times, but she's so young. It makes me kinda jealous of the youth and innocence that she has. I'm going to be off to college in a little bit and I always worry that she'll forget me or something. I love her so much and never want to leave her side.

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