The Real Poet (Revised)

February 18, 2009
By Jack Gantt BRONZE, Magnolia, Massachusetts
Jack Gantt BRONZE, Magnolia, Massachusetts
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He gazes out in front of him,
he sees what inspires and looks beyond,
for no path is set.
There is no guide to lead,
for Saraswait would agree,
only paper, a pen, and a thought
will set a path and lead him.
Maybe dancing with Dionysus
or fighting along side Ares will show him the way. He sees, he feels, he does, he knows.
He lives in all,
but calls to few.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because I was thinking about all the writing contests that schools and other places have. Things like, write a poem about whether or not poetry is fiction or non-fiction. I was thinking how horrible some of these topics are that are given for the kids to write about. Personally I do not feel that this is real poetry. Poetry is not meant to be bottled up and compressed. Poetry is where you can let loose and let creativity take over, where you can express your feelings and write about your love or what inspires you. When poetry is limited, poetry is destroyed.

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