Beyond the Bridge

February 18, 2009
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In the country of Italy, the world unfolds a lovely lake. From above,
the lake lays flat. From below the bridge, the white currents are
reaching towards the shore.

As you stand upon the bridge, the jade leaves send a cool breeze down
your spine. As you look up, a castle is nestled among green trees.

When darkness descends down, the night becomes quieter. The lake
moves slower than during the day. The dock beyond seems untouched.
The leaves blow gently as it moves the water to and fro. The lights are turned on as you walk back and forth across the bridge.

During the day, the water is light violet as you can see through to the
bottom. The currents are rising, falling and reaching shore as the boats cut through the water. Up above, children are dropping rocks into the water creating the outward ripple effect.

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