Anti Valentine's Day

February 18, 2009
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I hate you,
And everything that you do.
In all this mess i am just a shattered soul,
You have left me with an empty hole.
This rejection has got me at an all time low,
Now in my eyes you are the biggest foe.
When you see the water running down from my cheeks also known as tears,
I hope I open up all your darkest fears.
I thought you were my four letter word mate,
But the four letter word now is hate.
Did you ever think that we could last?
Because you sure ended this real fast.
Oh don't worry I know i'll do well,
But you, you have prices to pay in hell.
The more you suffer the better I feel,
Sorry just writing poems is just how I deal.
You had me sinking on my love raft,
But don't you worry i'll get the last laugh.
Everything you said was a lie your so fake,
I don't know how much more I can possibly take.
The love we had just fades away, away.
The love we have will run out and eventually decay, decay.
You said forever but that was just a lie,
Now I could careless if you would just die.
I was without a flashlight in the dark lost,
You broke me heart and that's a big cost.
All the bills are about a month too late,
My heart is now filled with anger and hate.
It never worked out at all,
Now I can't wait to watch you fall.

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