Drip Drop

February 18, 2009
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My knife isn't hidden from me
It rests inside my nightstand drawer
I've never felt the need to hide it
Because I've never done this before

There's a first time for everything
And I choose tonight
My life has reached a hiatus
And I'm too weak to put up a fight

The steel is calling out to me
It's whispering my name
' Take me out of my misery
And I promise to do the same '

The offer is persuasive
And I fell as though I'm marred
I reach into my tear-stained heart
And it turns to diamond HARD

I am now without a heart
And my knife is in my hand
It tastes my blood for the first time
And I enter an amazing land

Everything is blood red
And death is all around
The trees are black with destruction
But it makes me smile not frown

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