Victims Stand

February 18, 2009
By Samantha Little BRONZE, Notus, Idaho
Samantha Little BRONZE, Notus, Idaho
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The shadows lunge;
It's dark outside.
I shift in bed,
Afraid to close my eyes
Your face haunts me
You hide in my dreams
I'm falling apart
You've ripped my seams
I've tried to piece me back together
I'm stitched with a dull needle and thin thread
I've tried duct tape and superglue
But you're still in my head.
Why do you do this
Do you get your kicks?
You make my skin crawl
You're as annoying as ticks
But you're so much worse.
You fill me with fear.
I try to ignore you,
But you move so near.
They say you're a hero,
A military star.
But do they know what you did
To that woman from the bar?
Is that why you hurt her,
Does it make you feel like a man?
When you see people cower,
Do you see them as your fan?
Is it the power,
Or the adrenaline rush?
Seeing their fear,
Feeling their courage bust?
Does it amuse you
To see them break down?
To watch them die inside
To see them hit the ground?
You know the system now.
You can trick them all.
You'll walk away a free man,
While your victim's life plummets and falls.
One of these days
You'll make a mistake.
You'll rot in jail
Your victims have taken all they can take.
I am one of them,
Once and forever your victim.
I'm still not alone
But above you I've risen.
You'll always be there,
I'll always be afraid.
But at least part of the price
I know you will pay.
You say you're innocent
But the jury disagrees.
You'll be locked in prison
After twelve strong guilties.

The author's comments:
I was, and still am, the victim of a devious man who seems to always escape punishment for the crimes he's committed, and still might be committing this day. The police won't do anything about it, and I've tried to take a stand. I guess this is all I can do for now.

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