February 18, 2009
By Samantha Little BRONZE, Notus, Idaho
Samantha Little BRONZE, Notus, Idaho
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I've been through the hard times.
I've been through the pain.
I've been through the blizzards.
I've been through the rain.
You did things to me,
And I thought they were alright.
That's when the teacher said,
Those kinda things weren't fine.
I told her everything.
They didnt do a single thing.
Life went back to normal.
And I kept hurting.
A couple years later,
And it finally stops.
New things happen,
And my mind finally pops.
I lasted so long,
I still don't know why.
I stood so alone,
With only my shadow by my side.
So much has happened;
You've gotten to more than me.
You got my family now too,
And I'll get back at you.
You make me feel so guilty.
I couldn't protect her from you.
You've given her something,
And I'll live with that too.
I told the police,
But they don't believe the truth.
You'll probably get away with it,
And again I'll face you.
If I see your face again,
Every horrible feature,
I don't know if i can continue.
I may not have a future.
But as long as she is alive,
And as long as she is fighting,
I'll be right there,
Kicking and biting.
I'm not going to give up,
Not when I can see.
I'm not going to give up,
As long as she fights beside me.
So this story ends,
With no final resolution.
You'll never stop.
Where's the revolution?

The author's comments:
For years, when I was younger, I was sexually abused by my step-father. This poem is the creation of those experiences, and an effect of the horrible things that have happened to me in the past.

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