Lovey Dovey

February 18, 2009
By Jillian McDermott BRONZE, West Chester, Pennsylvania
Jillian McDermott BRONZE, West Chester, Pennsylvania
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Lovey Dovey you sweet talk me,
You talk mushy gushy,
Yet it seems to be,
That somehow you stopped loving me,
Tears fall on the ground,
My smile turned to a frown,
I'm confused and heartbroken,
I feel like a cigarette that's been over smoken....
Why my darling did you stop,
What did I do to blow your top,
Something I did? Something I said,
I feel so abused...and unamused,
I remeber at times,
When you sang me your rhymes,
That were "from the heart",
It seems that has fallen apart,
My one true love has left me,
And it honestly upsets me,
I am so alone,
Crying on the phone,
To a great friend,
At least I know she will be there till the end. =[

The author's comments:
Any heartbroken teen can relate to this one!!!!! It came from my heart

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