Lost in Eternity

February 17, 2009
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Lost in Eternity

I was lost in eternity that day I looked into your eyes
They sparkled like thousands of diamonds and were as blue as the skies.

I felt so safe locked in your arms
As if you were my protector,
Protecting me from all life's harms.

As we walked down the street together
Like we were the only ones left on earth,
I thought we'd last forever.

That day you left me I thought I could never live again
I felt as if I was drowning,
And couldn't find a friend.

I was hoping that you would come back and save me
Catch me if I fell,
My heart longed for yours and I needed to let that free.

I was lost in eternity that day you said good-bye
I knew we couldn't be together
After what you said was a lie.

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