hidden tears

February 17, 2009
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You stand there strong
Big and tall
But I see the pain
Behind it all

I see the tears
You try to hide
I see the fears
You keep inside

I see you there
Laughing strong
I ask later
'What is wrong?'

You say 'nothing!'
That's a lie!
You walk with a smile
I wonder why

You show no pain
Till it's too late
People say
'You don't appreciate

You're too happy''
If they only knew
I know your pain
I know it's true.

I see you at home
Crying at night
I think in silent
'You'll lose the fight

That is unless
You let me in
I want to help
Cause you're a friend,

I know your pain,
I know it well
Alone you're not
I'm here as well
Let me in
Please'' I beg
''I'll be gentle
In your head.'

You know it's true
So you sigh
Nod and smile
And then cry

Tears of pain
Tears of love
I hold you close
In the hug.

'there there'
It's alright.'
We stand there
All through the night

You cry soft
You cry hard
But you feel good
You've gone far.

From hidden tears
To true laughs
I stand beside
Hoping it lasts,

Cause you and me
We are the same
You were alone
Till I came

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