A Myriad of seconds

February 16, 2009
By Rowan Griffin BRONZE, Scardsale, New York
Rowan Griffin BRONZE, Scardsale, New York
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Going nowhere, somewhere
In-between all the in-between places
Each second in this silence there is a lifetime of history, a history of lifetime
Unrecorded, mistakes repeated for another to learn
The hard way.
A myriad of seconds, the silence can re-mold the boundaries of time
Numbing the constant reminders as the rulers of date and time fly by, and
Silence penetrates every layer.
When at last we reach a place of solitude
The mind won't let you be
That peace you had
Shimmers in the light
But disappears into the shadows
Like a memory

The author's comments:
It seems "illogical", but I tried to poke at some hidden meanings

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