February 16, 2009

Doesn't ever leave me alone
Got me in its grasp, a choke hold
Can't breath with all these thoughts
A hurricane brewin' in my brain
Trapped in false belief
Never gives you any relief
From the paranoia, paranoia

It itches up your spine
Planting seeds of doubt in your mind
Pushing, pressing, stretching
Into something untrue
It makes the heart race
At an unbearable pace
What do you do
When you're not in control?
Paranoia, paranoia

When it rules my mind
I can't find
The right way to look at you
To look at anybody
You're all distorted pictures
Fixtures, of what you really are

Help me, help me, my soul is screaming
Help me, help me, I'm drowning
In the illusion of fake feeling

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