Love song

February 16, 2009
By keenan kennedy SILVER, Brentwood, Tennessee
keenan kennedy SILVER, Brentwood, Tennessee
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Verse 1: Your eyes show me everything
Your image flies out of reach
I jump so high to get in my hands again
Your hands in mine is all i want baby
Baby please come back to me
Let me hold you baby
I miss your arms wrapped around me

Midnight hits we are still texting away
'Cause its hard for us not talking in person
Your love is still in my heart

Verse 2: Miles and photos I see of you
It just makes my heart burnnnnnn
Your eyes. Your notes. make me miss you more
And now I haven't seen you recently it makes my heart burn more

Verse 3: Your hoodie you gave me
I wear it everyday It smells just like you
And its hard for to think of you

Chorus X2 fading

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