Will You Make a Differance

February 19, 2009
By Zachary Stading BRONZE, Eagle, Nebraska
Zachary Stading BRONZE, Eagle, Nebraska
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Do you want to live and die

Without changing all their lives

What justification do you have for living

If not to change the world by giving

For better or worse

We are here

You may laugh and even jeer

But when looking back, you cannot slake

The need to better what's left in YOUR wake

What do you leave behind,

Did you make a body, soul, and mind

Or make a heart keep on beating

In a life that was so fleeting

So do what you can do today

To live life a different way

Making a difference when you can

Maybe like it was, some great plan

The author's comments:
Author's Note

I read the 'make a difference' theme and thought of all the times I've heard someone tell me, 'if I could redo anything in the past, I would have helped this person.' I hear it more often than you would think. They believe that if they had helped this person or have been nicer to this person then it would have made the person's life better or even saved it. We never know what the repercussions of our actions will be. We can, with a few simple words, save a life that would otherwise have been taken. The only way we can know we did all that we could, is to live our lives in the best way we know how, no matter the circumstances. I believe that we make a difference in every life we come into contact with. That is my reason for writing this song.

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