February 23, 2009
By Anonymous

People passed in and out of the house to
visit the family in sorrow. The family who
had just lost someone.

Tears started to bead in the eyes of the
adults who surrounded me, sympathies
rolling out of their mouths like a water

Stories spoke their own words about the
deceased, making everyone smile despite
the drops of salty water now dripping down
their cheeks in huge drops.

I was being stone, showing no emotion at all.
It was awkward, my mind was jumbled and I
was too young to understand what all the
whispering was about.

Too young to be involved in the complicated
matters that were now starting to reveal
themselves to everyone around me.

The realization that the man who had once
been apart of these people's lives everyday
and now was gone was starting to sink in,
twisting everyone's already tangled, battered
hearts even more so.

Sniffling was all around me and crowding my
head. The only people I wanted to look at was
my family, trying to read what was displayed
all over their face. A mixture of peace, pain,
and...something I couldn't place.

The smell was faint, but still there, just a slight
whisper on the breeze that would gently go
through the house to let in more people who
wanted to say their "I'm sorry's," and "He's in
a better place."

My grandma would slightly shake her head,
and her eyes would glaze over with a glassy,
young look. The process repeated over and
over, never ending.

It was late, and full realization had finally hit
my not-fully-developed brain -- My grandpa
was gone and soon, very soon, my whole
family would be completely transformed.

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