February 22, 2009
By Anonymous

If you listen, listen real close

You can hear what I muzzled, what I concealed the most
If you look, look beyond what you see

You can find what I hid, what I buried in me
If you found my secret, my stealthy pain

You'll know the reason, but you won't know the name
If I got you to wonder, wonder the facts

Then I guess I'll inform you, and tell what you lack
If you put together the pieces, all the puzzle parts

Then you'll know that it's over, he's broken my heart
If you want to know more, you're nosey like most

Then all I can tell you, I'll say in a Post
I gave him my heart
He tore it apart.
Inside I'm dying
And finally crying.
I wanna scream out,
Out, in a shout.
I wanna swallow my pride
And let it come from inside.
Just three simple words
And eight little letters.
Beginning with 'I'
And ending with 'you.
I didn't want you to know,
But here I go.
And my heart still cries for you!

The author's comments:
a poem about loveing someone who broke my heart.

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