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February 22, 2009
By InkRavens GOLD, Rochester, Massachusetts
InkRavens GOLD, Rochester, Massachusetts
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"How you shine just depends on where you've been placed beneath the spot light."- Dani Marston

a voice
so loud and pure
its a portal to what we're feeling
a scream
what we're facing
if we're in trouble.
A whisper
If we want to never be heard
if we are telling some one we love them
A voice
can be a portal
Or it can be a whip.
By telling someone something
It can scar them
By telling someone something
we can save them
Telling them we need them
We can have a happy ending
let them know they're needed
That we need them
So i think if we want to
We should all be heard.
No more whipping back and forth
With our arguments
no more Scaring a child for life.
No more abuse.
You can screw someone up
With a word
but you can also help heal someone
with one too.
So my friend,
If you are wanting to be rid of yourself
Read this
and realize
There's always someone who needs you
And there's always a reason to live
I want you
to Be a voice.
A voice to be heard.
and reconized around the world
as a voice of reason
Be a savior.
And save those around you.

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