Leaving Behind The Pain

February 21, 2009
By Beth Gitchel BRONZE, Aberdeen, Washington
Beth Gitchel BRONZE, Aberdeen, Washington
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If you really knew who I was
I know what you'd say
It's not right
And it's not okay

The way you were taught
To be so ignorant
Makes tears fall down my face
I just want to leave this place

Of hate and horror
Just to spend a few moments
Somewhere where I can
Not look in the mirror and despise what I see

Just to be somewhere where I can be me
A girl who know herself
Better than anyone else
But I can't do that
Just not yet

Because it's a little to early
To be playing around
In this game of life
But I'm sinking down

To the bottom of the ocean
Where everything's a blur
Everything's a mistake
Everyone in constant motion

To get away from the place
We call home
because in the end
It's not where we want to be
There are just to many memories

Memories that haunt me
Through the night
Memories that make you
Want to fight

They hurt so much
You can barely think
For a minute
Without having to blink

Away a tear
Or two
But in the end
We make it through

In the end
Someone leaves
This place of horror
Breaking down the borders

People have built
To protect what's inside
And without guilt
We make a mask

To hide the pain
That burns so much
Making you shatter inside
Making you realize the remorse
That paints our faces
And that makes us move on
To different places

So if you wonder what happened to me
Read my past and you will see
That I'm still here physically
And it's just enough to make it through
What you did to me and what I did to you.

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