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February 21, 2009
By kidlet612 PLATINUM, Sterling Heights, Michigan
kidlet612 PLATINUM, Sterling Heights, Michigan
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Beginning of a new semester
Her sophomore year in school
The days are counting down
She doesn't know what to do.

She contemplated ending
The only life she lead
Bullets filled the gun
The barrel pressed against her head.

But sudden movement inside her
Forced the gun away
It would be a murder
Not a suicide escape.

Ending a life
That hadn't yet begun
So delicate and fragile
Belonging to the young.

Seconds ticking by
How much longer could she pose?
Soon someone would notice
Her secret left exposed.

She planned to leave behind
This city and just run
Get on a plane and fly
Forgetting all she loved.

She sat in the car
Pushed the peddle to the floor
The world outside passed her by
Silently, a motionless blur.

Navigating Detroit city
Glancing at people just like her
Never had she cried so hard
Never had she been so unsure.

Everything happens for a reason
Even if it's a mistake
It was life's little miracle
This, she thought, was fate.

She let go of the wheel
Sat back, closed her eyes
Her hands caressed her stomach
She just couldn't say goodbye.

The car was accelerating
Time coming to an end
She opened the door and jumped
Watching the car descend.

She got up slowly
Dusting off her jeans
She turned and walked away
Home, she soon would be.

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