A War;

February 20, 2009
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To love is a war to fight alone,
but the scar of battle is the reason for leaving home.
And to say the fight was all in vain
is to ward off the present, and bring forth the pain.

And every time I saw your face,
with every last time I fell from grace.
With every word you took from me,
a piece of my soul, still you keep.

I left the battle too lost to find,
another place without your kind.
But even in shadow, I feel the doubt,
of leaving you, for I am without-
Caring for anything but the world,
I've left it all too slowly unfurl.
The anguish itself is too long, too great.
But at least the time, whilst present, will wait.

Solemn goodbyes and final requiems
haunt the battlefield where I come from.
The wounded soldiers, hearts said goodbye.
But the souls alone, were left to cry

Against all the enemies, called lust and rage,
the enemy prevails, too many against the cage-
Where everyone left their hopes without,
the seeing of difference, and a final shout.

And to the world a song was sung,
but the soldiers themselves were deaf, in vain;
The wounded last cause, the fight for their lives.
The only candle, that burns through the night.

And alas goodbye is hard to say,
but a death in vain is a price they pay.

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