February 6, 2009
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As I look into the eyes of death
I see nothing but my hollow soul

The things that can put fear into ones mind
Can not be put into mine

The fears that have been bestowed upo me
Have left my spirit

As my tormenting soul prevails to stop
I can't bare to stand up in front of The Man With The White Suit

I can not stand in front of him
And be judged by a demon

When I look into my eyes
I can only see the rejection in my pain

For the only one who can take it away from
Is not HIM, but earth it self

When I see the pain in children
I commit suicide

When I see pain in Murders
I see justice

When I see pain in myself
I see a paradox

The heart of life is like the box of Pandora
Open it and you will die

Life is not meant to be made
Life was meant to go extinct

For nothing can live in this world of pain
I how ever can live as long as HE Does

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bubblylittledancer said...
Apr. 1, 2009 at 6:57 pm
this is a really dark poem, but i like how you express it. i usually don't like dark poems, but the emotions in this one make it easy to relate to.
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