February 15, 2009
By MeggC BRONZE, Denmark, Maine
MeggC BRONZE, Denmark, Maine
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I had crayons
I wanted markers
Then I got pencils
Then pens
Now I type
I want crayons back

I had plastic lipsticks
I wanted real makeup
I got lipgloss
I got mascara
I have eyeliner
I want plastic tubes back

I wore the clothes my mom gave me
I wanted to choose
I went to Old Navy
I went to Limited Too
Now I shop at Rue 21
I want my mom to choose again

I watched Blues clues
I wanted Rugrats
Then Pokemon
Then Lizzie McGuire
Now I watch the Big Bang Theory
I want Blues Clues back

I was a baby
Then a toddler
Then a child
Then a preteen
Now I'm a teenager
I want to be a baby again

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