February 15, 2009
By Clarinet SILVER, Rocky Face, Georgia
Clarinet SILVER, Rocky Face, Georgia
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Orange and red
Vivid and bright
It's day
but almost night

Above the ocean
the vast sea
I hope it means a lot to you
like it means so much to me

Marking the end
of a long hard day
another one is
on its way

Clouds are lit
Red and pink
It's more important
than you think

Gives you the courage
To go on
When it seems like all
you love is gone

A touch of happiness
that fills me with curiousity
a little kindness
and a whole lot of beauty

You can discover your talents
and dream your dreams
They say you can do
almost anything

Do you know what I mean
by this poem yet?
If you don't, I'll tell you
It's the sunset

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