Colors of life.

February 14, 2009
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The sun shining down on your face,
In sweet warm rays,
The feeling of a sweet banana at breakfast time,
Or honey dribbling down on a piece of toast.
Those are the things that make up the color yellow.

Blue; the color of water running between your fingers,
Squishing a blueberry between your teeth,
Techno music blasting in your ears,
Waves hitting against your feet in the ocean,
It's a cold winter day,
With frost biting on your nose.

When there's a fire, red comes to your mind,
The hot burning sensation on your body,
When fruit punch splashes on your tongue and all you want is more.
Or the feeling of lipstick on your lips when you're wearing a fancy dress.
Red, is a hug. A wanting embrace.

Summer, the grass waiting on the ground.
Smell it, how it lingers on your nose.
Grapes melting in your mouth.
Or the feeling of thistles as they prick your finger.
Green is the feeling of life.

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