Fire and Smoke

February 14, 2009

I think here as flavoured smoke drifts lazily in the air. I dream my life and fantasize...wishing i could just drift away as the smoke...swirling and dancing so carefree, worrying about where and when, No i'm never the smoke always the fire, blazing raging and my burning wounds never seize, always burining...I cast off all speciel feelings as smoke , dancing away without a care in the world. Swirling, twirling, taunting me..I can't hold on much longer i'm slowly burning, burn out wothout any thing to ssay, or anything to hold to. People shy away from my burning flames, burning myself, burning my wouds, burining others, everything. My fales burn these wounds, singing

The author's comments:
3rd peice.....but im still writing..

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