February 13, 2009
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So hurt
I don't know what say
That's right
You made me this way
But I am not going to go away
You don't understand
I'll feel this way for days
Even when we talk
And you tell me you're sorry or its alright
No, it doesn't matter when my heart is scarred
No, it doesn't take much for it to feel this way
All that matters is your okay

So scarred
I want to cry in the sadness
My heart is torn
Unable to be sewn at this moment
But It can be fixed
There's so much to say
So you can understand
This pain I'm in
Because I don't know what hurts you the most

So sorry
I wish I could hold you when you cried
To make you feel like you can be you
When all else failed
At least you'd be safe in my arms
Without a doubt
I'd be there for you
I would not back down for anything
Not even at gun point
Or a knife threat
Id die for you then
Don't you understand
You mean more to me than you think

So smile
Baby, do it for me
More importantly do it for you
That little smile will change your day
I tried my best to change that frown
Please stop feeling so down
When I know the true happiness behind that voice
Its coated in swallowing pain
Don't let that pain destroy every mood set today
You know you want to be free and unchained
So fight that hurtful mood
And let someone help you too
Relax and let me come through to you
And help you do that simple thing
Baby, smile for you

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