When The World Ends

February 13, 2009
By SheenaR GOLD, Saint Germain, Wisconsin
SheenaR GOLD, Saint Germain, Wisconsin
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People say that when the world ends,
The air becomes the shade of ebony,
Losing the golden lights from our almighty center,
The bright, radiant green that once filled the woods will fade away,
When all life in the woods die their remains will disintegrate in the wind,
Leaving this precious land looking like a baron coastline,
Then and only then will it become a closer sister of Neptune,
People will try to survive with the new changes,
Even if it means growing their food with pseudo sunlight,
But like many things in this world, nothing lasts forever,
We, the people, will find that there is nothing that can save a darkened world,
And food does not grow efficiently in the false light,
Many will grow weak and give in to the heavens above,
Unlike most things, Love lasts forever,
So when the world dies away,
Our love, will stand through those times,
Whether it is hidden in our many crushes of after time,
Or stored away in fear of opening up to the special someone,
I have the full knowledge,
If you were to die before I, that I will fail to see reason to live,
So When people say that the world will end,
It triggers those lovely memories from the past.

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