Waiting for Eternity

February 13, 2009
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Poems'gentle songs
they all speak of love
that you can not have
Fairytales of princes and princesses
its an eternal dream
to find someone that can just pick you up
and carry you away into happy ever after
but if you believe in them that much
why am I the only one who sees
you need more than what stories guarantee
Baby I'm not telling you to give up
all I'm saying is why do you think of those things
when you have someone waiting for eternity
Why do you need to dream for something
you already have
she's holding you so tenderly
in her protective arms
warming you with the burning flame in her heart
trust me when I say she'll love you all the way
no baby don't look at me like that
its not a joke I'm playing
I could never be that cruel
look in my eyes and you'll see her
waiting for eternity
to give everything she is only to you
happiness isn't ever lasting but are you willing to try?
Are you willing to drop your defenses and fall
so she can catch you in midair
and show you how she really feels?
Don't need whispers of poetry
or the voice to say
that she's still waiting for eternity
for you too see
you don't need what stories guarantee
all you need is her holding you
forever in her arms

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