February 12, 2009
By misstayv PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
misstayv PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
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Feeling Alone
God is watching me from the heavens
Yet with his holy watch over my path
I still can't seem to stop crying
My path filled with cracks and holes
I'm not strong enough to leap over them.
Why won't anyone help me?
Can't they see I'm weak?
No one seems to hear my cry
Or in other words, no one wants to help

Do i envy them for their lives? Their paths?
The ones who seem to have it all...
Sometimes, but then I remember that God has put me on this path for a reason
I will triumph.
Rising higher than anyone else.

I fall to my knees, not wanting to get up this time
"I'm Weak! Can't you see!" I yell to the heavens.
I suck up my pain, and get up anyway.
Walking, stumbling...
And then for the last time..I fall.
Tears running down my face
" I can't.." I whisper.
Knowing God is listening

A wholeness fills my chest.
My arms filled with pain,but slowly becoming stronger...
Powerful, yet still my own.
I look into the parting heavens, with a look of amazement upon my face
A loud chuckle strikes the sky around me.

I walk through the cracks, no longer stumbling
I leap over the holes as if they were only inches apart.
My path, becoming bright and short.
A cloud of white fog in the distance
So close....

Finally my weakness has been overcome.
My struggles no more.
My faith continuing strong.
I love my God.

"Your path has come. You are my child and all I want, which is what I have always wanted, is for you to be happy and strong. Eternal life in my holy kingdom you shall have."
My Father tells me.
My path, the one I've been wanting, and waiting for so long has finally come.
Those, the ones who I once thought had it all...
They must fight for their lives.
But do they have the strength that I built to keep getting up?

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