Not Exactly Okay

January 20, 2009
By caty h. SILVER, Marengo, Illinois
caty h. SILVER, Marengo, Illinois
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i thought i could forget
cuz god knows youve been a git
i wish i could hate you
wish i could get rid of these feelings
i have for you but they stay
i scream for everything to go away
but i just never know
how my day will go
will you talk to me
will you hold me
sometimes you still love me
saying we just gotta wait
til that faitful date
when im the age of consent
cuz you think id consent
to everything we did befor
when you ignor me one day then treat me like a goddess the other
i miss you some days
i hate you the next
but im not the only
bipolar lonely
you love me one day
then hate the next
whats up with this
i swear this has to end
but i dont have the guts to end it
do you?

The author's comments:
same guy lol i need to get over him but then again ive never written this much befor :)

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